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The School District of Flagler County would like to take this opportunity to thank John Bugg and his team for the quick response and meeting the needs of the School District… so quickly after the storm (Hurricane Matthew) to access the roof damage and potential health and safety risks… A fantastic job was done and we are truly grateful

David Freeman

Director of Plant Services, Flagler Schools

JEBCO’S Distinction

JEBCO values integrity, collaboration, and safety. ​

Investigative Design comes first. We meet with you to understand your situation fully. We do a comprehensive investigation using technology and proven weather defense tools to assess and advise professionally.

Using the Best Fit Materials for your project insures your solutions are customized so they solve the problem.

Expert Workmanship grounded in safety is critical to executing your solutions.

Years of Combined Experience
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Unlike “other roof guys,” JEBCO values building relationships for the long-term.

We are professional, experienced, and trustworthy communicating with you at all phases of a project from the initial assessment to executing the right solution.

Work with a team you can talk to and trust.

How We Do It

The JEBCO Predictable Solution™

The Sweet Spot to Managing Risk for Your Building Envelope

Accurate design from thorough forensics.

The correct materials for your project.

JEBCO Team, experienced, knowledgeable and always professional.


We outline all the options

Through our comprehensive intake questionnaire,
Our expert investigation, and our repair versus replacement analysis, you walk away with a clear roadmap of options to insure we solve your core problem.


Best fit, not best materials. There is a big difference.

While the materials are high quality and made to last, it’s the JEBCO Metal Shop that sets us apart.

Saving you time and money, we execute your project with a custom fit that off the shelf products just can’t offer.

workers at a metal shear


Expertise & experience like no other.

JEBCO’s team is highly skilled and experts in roof / building repair required for core issue solutions

Working smoothing out a roof

It All Starts with a Thorough Investigation

Because the best defense, is a JEBCO offense

  • Drainage infrastructure integrity
  • Restoring sealants at roof penetration
  • Wall fenestrations interfaces
  • Counter-flashing sealants
  • Check for drip edge anomalies
  • Restore lightning protection

"80% of all roof leaks could be prevented by timely and effective repairs."
-National Roof Contractors Association

The JEBCO Predictable Solution™ Report

Comprehensive investigation means nothing without a detailed report that includes:

  • Investigative Team Commentary noting anomalies, leaks, and drainage issues.
  • Condition narratives with photos
  • CAD drawings
  • Life-Expectancy Summary,
  • Any needed maintenance and repairs
  • Repair/Replace/Restore budget options
  • Needed Clean up for Maintenance

Extend the life of your facility and feel the relief.

Meet Our JEBCO Team

John Bigg Headshot

John Bugg

John Bugg, the dynamic co-founder of JEBCO alongside Bob Knott since 2019, is a from Durham, NC and a graduate of Appalachian State University with a degree in business. John’s journey in the professional world is as varied as it is impressive.

He first cut his teeth in sales within the beer industry in Raleigh, a role that brewed his foundational skills and work ethic.

John’s career path then took a constructive turn, leading him into sales within the construction industry. This journey saw him leaving footprints in Charlotte, Columbia (SC), Chattanooga, and finally settling in Jacksonville. It’s here that John’s talents truly shone, working tirelessly (and might we say, intensely!) with Facility Managers to tackle every conceivable building envelope issue.

In the field, John is akin to the Sherlock Holmes of “leaks,” equipped with a forensic tool belt and an unrivaled knowledge of materials. Under his leadership, JEBCO doesn’t just find problems – it designs solutions. And with JEBCO’s expert “attack” crew, these solutions are implemented with precision and efficiency.

John’s life outside of JEBCO is just as fulfilling. He enjoys life in Jacksonville with his wife, Kelly, their two daughters, and Elroy, their lovably large dog. His journey from beer to buildings, underpinned by a strong business acumen, makes John Bugg not just a CEO, but a visionary leader at the helm of JEBCO.

Bob Knott Headshot

Bob Knott, P.E.

Bob Knott, co-founder of JEBCO and a Mechanical Engineering graduate from Florida International University, boasts an illustrious career starting at the Kennedy Space Center in 1965. Here, he contributed to the Gemini, Apollo, and Skylab programs, marking his early foray into aerospace.

Transitioning from space to brewing, Bob spent 33 years at Anheuser-Busch in Jacksonville as the Senior Plant Engineer, adeptly managing an 8 million-barrel brewery. His career then took him to Nassau County as the Director of Facilities Maintenance, expanding his already extensive experience.

In 2016, Bob founded “Robert M. Knott, P.E., Facilities Management Consulting,” leveraging 45 years in facilities engineering. This venture, alongside his decade-long partnership with John, reflects their combined expertise and vision.

Beyond engineering, Bob is a talented graphic artist and tinkerer, living in Callahan with his wife, Rose, and their diverse array of farm animals. His multifaceted skills and deep-rooted experience make Bob a cornerstone of JEBCO’s legacy and success.

Kevin Takach,
Operations Manager

Kevin, JEBCO’s Operations Manager, boasts 37 years in the construction industry, starting with metal roofing at Commercial Roof Decks.

His expertise grew at East Coast Systems in Jacksonville, enhancing his reputation. At ASM, he oversaw a major $20 million Orlando Airport project, earning him the FRSA ‘Specialty Metal Roofer of the Year’ award in 2017 and 2018.

Originally from Hopewell, Virginia, Kevin has called Florida home for 37 years. His extensive experience and industry accolades significantly contribute to JEBCO’s success, aligning with our mission for excellence in construction. Kevin’s journey from Virginia to Florida mirrors his dedication to growth and expertise in his field.

Zach McDaniel ,
Sales Manager


Zach, originally from Vicksburg, MS, showcases a commendable blend of academic and military achievements. He graduated with both an undergraduate and a Masters degree in Biology from Mississippi College, highlighting his dedication to learning. His professional journey is distinguished by a remarkable 16-year tenure as a combat veteran, currently serving as an Engineer Officer in the U.S. Army Reserves.

Zach is known for his exceptional leadership and organizational skills, combined with an unwavering ambition and intelligence. These traits not only define his military career but also underscore his ability to excel in communications and solving problems. His service is a testament to his commitment and skill, making him a respected figure in all he endeavors.

Ben's headshot

Ben Wright,
Lead Field Manager

Ben, a native son of St. Augustine and raised in Jacksonville, stands as a cornerstone of our apprenticeship program at JEBCO. With his unique combination of a culinary degree and a robust 23 years in the roofing industry, he is an invaluable mentor to our up-and-coming talents. Specializing in low-sloped, single-ply, and multi-ply asphalt roofing systems, Ben’s expertise is as diverse as it is deep.

Whether it’s perfecting ribs in the kitchen or mastering roofing on the field, Ben is the go-to guy. His dual mastery in both culinary arts and roofing techniques makes him not just a trainer but an inspiration to our apprentices, embodying the versatility and skill that JEBCO values.

Bobby Davis Headshot

Bobby Davis,
Lead Field Manager

Bobby, from Middleburg, FL, is a vital part of the JEBCO team with 15 years of expertise in metal roofing. His proficiency encompasses a broad spectrum, including new constructions, replacements, and detailed repair and maintenance work.

At JEBCO, Bobby is renowned for his technical acumen and remarkable people skills. As a field tech, his ability to build trust and forge personal connections with clients turns each project into a relationship-building opportunity.

Residing in Middleburg with his wife and three children, Bobby represents the community spirit central to JEBCO’s ethos. His dedication to both his profession and family life makes him a highly valued and multifaceted team member. With Bobby’s involvement, JEBCO not only promises exceptional roofing solutions but also the cultivation of enduring client relationships.

Troy Taylor

Troy Taylor, a recent 2023 Interlachen High School graduate from near Keystone Heights, is a vibrant new member of the JEBCO team. Starting as an intern last summer, he quickly demonstrated his natural fit and potential, and we are excited to have him onboard full-time, infusing fresh energy and perspectives into our work.

Passionate about the outdoors, Troy’s life outside work is as adventurous as it is at JEBCO. He’s often found 4-wheeling, enjoying time on his family’s ranch, or relaxing around a bon-fire. This love for the outdoors extends to his home, where he lives with a diverse array of pets.

Troy’s blend of professional dedication and country lifestyle embodies the spirit of JEBCO. His unique mix of skills and interests makes him a valuable addition to our team, underscoring the balance between professional drive and personal passions. With Troy, JEBCO gains not just a skilled worker but a reminder of the importance of staying connected to our roots.

Kelly Bugg headshot

Kelly Bugg,

Kelly, originally from Snow Hill, NC, infuses JEBCO with a blend of educational acumen and organizational talent. Raised by a high school principal and an elementary school teacher, she naturally gravitated towards education, culminating in an education degree from Queens University in Charlotte in 2005.

Her 15-year teaching journey began with 8 years in Charlotte, followed by 7 years at RPDS in Jacksonville, reflecting her commitment to nurturing young minds. In 2022, Kelly transitioned from teaching to JEBCO, where she excels in managing diverse tasks, aptly described as being able to ‘catch all balls thrown in her direction.’

Marrying John in 2013, Kelly’s role at JEBCO goes beyond her operational duties; she’s a central figure ensuring seamless operations. Her ability to keep everything running smoothly, coupled with her educational background, makes her a key asset, harmonizing the world of business with the principles of education.

We stand strong with you to get you long-term profitability, reliability, safety -- and ultimately peace of mind.​

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  • Communicate with you clearly at all times,
  • Empower you to solve your building envelope and roofing problems
  • For our clients, when an issue arises, we handle it swiftly as is required.
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